the Twins of spring

Height : 27cm

Head Type : Shiny Fairy May

Body Type : Shiny Fairy Girl Body (Beauty White Skin)

Glass Eye : Glass eye 14 mm

Wig : SF Bang straight(honey blonde) custom

Outfit : シャツ、ショートパンツ、帽子、ソックス、ベルト、ビンバッグ(total 6pcs)

Shoes : SF Penny Loafer cloud

ETC : Makeup, Eyelash, Box, Coushion

Limited : 10

Price : ¥44,500 (税込み価格 ¥48,060)

Make-up Desinb by Dorothy (Chare)/ Mass Produce Atelier OZ

Outfit design /Sewing by チクロ

bag : *藤屋人形館*

Little May